Time to plant - by the light of the new moon

Today it is time to start planting seeds by the light of the new moon.  The waxing moon is the time to plant things that bear fruit above ground.  Today I planted sweet corn, pole bean, calendula, cucumber and zucchini seeds.  Succession plantings will follow up until the moon is full.  I am saving my tender seedlings until we get closer to Easter when the chance of a killing frost has lessened.

A couple of matches in each hole along with a cup full of good organic potting soil helps get them off to a good start.  I haven't researched what the matches are supposed to do - a teacher of mine always used to do it and it worked for her - so I have continued to do it with good results.

After the full moon, when the moon is waning, it is time to plant those things that bear fruit below ground, such as potatoes, onions, carrots, etc.  Here in the south we can plant those things much earlier in the year so mine are already planted - but sweet potatoes to like to be planted when the soil is a bit warmer.

The sweet peas are up now and we are harvesting our daily salad bowl of radishes, onion tops, spinach, mustard, lettuce and cabbage greens.  The plum tree is absolutely loaded this year - I have my fingers crossed that  late freeze won't ruin my chances at a good batch of plum jam this year.

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