Tapping into energy with my feet

I have been walking barefoot lately.  Believe me - that is significant - me of the toe socks and 'no-dirt-should-ever-touch-my-feet' religion.  I don't know if it is doing me any good or not but the 'grounding' thing makes sense in my world so I'm going to give it a shot : 

Blue Moon – Yeah whatever

 I love the moon, and all of the energies of the universe, and I do believe that the full moon has special energies for me to go out and soak up. But the ‘blue’ moon is a crock. The full moon occurs at the same rate as it always has; aprox every 29 days.

And, as always, it is the human made calendar that is screwed up, not the natural one. So when we have two full m...
oons in one month we think it is ‘more’ special and a ‘rare’ occurrence.

Sorry, not a rare occurrence and no more special than every other full moon.

Now that is not to say that the full moon should be dismissed. Those of you that have crystals that need recharging, souls that need cleansing, or those of you that just want to turn off the TV and view Mom Nature in one of her better moods – this is the time to do it.

I am headed out right now with my crystals, singing bowls, and tequila so I don’t feel the mosquitoes. We are going to soak up some full ‘blue’ moon.

Walmart celebrates 50 years

I see a future where my granddaughter buys clothes and food at Walmart, banks at Walmart,gets phone service from Walmart, medical, vision and dental treatment at Walmart, and there is nowhere left in town to work besides Walmart so she gets hired there for less than 40 hours a week so that they don’t have to give her any benefits, such as sick leave, health insurance, retirement.

How far have we come from the days of share cropping and company towns? Not far me thinks.

I don’t shop at Walmart for my granddaughter. One by one we CAN make a difference.

Yes they are cheaper. I won't even go into all the reasons why here but among them are exploitation of workers - would YOU produce all of these items for pennies an hour? This is mostly done in other countries because our workers don't want to do slave labor. Would YOU grow AND harvest massive amounts of tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers and sell them for 10 cents a pound or less to Walmart? Would YOU work on an assembly line for 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week until there is no feeling left in your hands and there is no circulation in your feet anymore?

I HAVE to have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and a way to get to work. So, in reality, there is nothing at Walmart that is more important than my granddaughters future. I don't need closets packed with clothes, the faded towels still work just fine, and bread, dairy, and meat? I don't eat that any way.

Brianna - this is my gift to you and all of the little children who will be here after I am gone. I hope you have a world where you can work in a meaningful job that will treat you as you deserve to be treated, and have a community that is healthy and self sustaining.

Another reason to keep it local…. or…. Did I actually get anything done today?

We do have products and services here in Sumter South Carolina and I am trying my best to promote them but – in theory -- there are better products and services in Columbia.  Since I had to drive the 37 miles to go into work today (ON MY DAY OFF) I decided to go the rest of the way into Columbia where I can get my eye exam for half the price I can get it here in Sumter.  I also use this particular nameless eye exam place because they don’t try to force feed medicated drops, unnecessary dilation, scratch resistant lenses, etc.
So after fighting through construction detours, accidents, I’m-cutting-you-off-from-right-with-my-left-turn signal-on drivers and other annoying traffic issues I finally arrive at el-cheapo eye exams and they tell me “you can come back later tonight and we can fit you in”.  No, I can’t; I live 60+ miles away and I’m not sure what they are fitting in since there was only one person waiting for an exam. 
So as long as I am already there I go to another nearby optical place that advertises walk-ins.  Yes they can get me in right away.  They give me the stink eye when I tell them I don’t carry vision insurance.  I don’t know what difference it makes – I pay cash and they’re getting their money.  Then when I tell them I don’t do dilation they give me the purely EVIL eye and say you’ll have to discuss THAT with the doctor.  No I don’t have to discuss it with anyone – I am in charge of my body the last time I checked and I am the paying customer.  So this is going to be a major issue and I just leave.

I haven’t learned my lesson yet, so I figure as long as I am here I’ll do my grocery shopping here as well.  When I get to the check out the not-quite-fit (understatement) cashier says “you don’t really expect me to pick that up do you?”.  Well, no – I did pick it up and put it on the belt – maybe I should come behind the counter and roll it across the scanner for you.
So now that I have made the 120+ mile round trip what did I get accomplished today?  I learned that we have goods and services in Sumter.  I need to start using them (more).  Do they cost more?  Sometimes.  Do they have the quality goods I want – not always – but if I keep asking maybe they will start carrying those items.  Bottom line though, we may THINK everything is better on the other side of that river but it really isn’t all that. 

Learn how to make (grow) your own organic food.

This is a link to another post that I wrote for the Renegade Farmer:

I believe that this story is important to me because it illustrates just how powerful we are when we choose to be.  I was not able to find a digital picture of Azeez’s first house that he built after he lost his job.  It was a plywood box that he built with a hand saw! 

We’re not talking ‘olden’ days here – it was 1976 and this guy said “I’m not giving up”.  Now so many years later South Carolinas first organic farmer is still untouched by the recessions, still providing for his family, and they are following in his footsteps and enjoying the security of knowing that they can provide their own food. 
In addition to providing for their own needs Aysa’s Organics is available to teach anyone who wants to learn how to grow their own organic food- whether it be in a bucket, a raised bed, or on 50 acres.  Please read this article at Renegade Farmer – I do believe that it is so relevant to our society’s issues today.  http://www.therenegadefarmer.com/2012/07/south-carolinas-first-organic-farmer.html

Let's (not) get serious for a moment

When was the last time you had fun?  I mean really let loose, don’t care what other people think, show your knickers and laugh out loud – ‘appropriate’ behavior be damned.
I am into a lot of what I consider to be very serious causes and movements; trying to help educate people on the preservation of a healthy society, creating a healthy micro climate in my backyard, teaching people about the importance of the elimination of debt, promoting the acceptance and tolerance of people of all different colors and creeds.  Heavy stuff.
I had a few reminders recently that, while this is all good and important stuff, basically we are all ants and I could get stepped on tomorrow.
I believe that my energy, or life force, is the real me.  What I do to make money, the title I wear, car I drive, or the neighborhood that I live in are just external trappings, paper mache.

Have you ever made paper mache?  A fragile shell full of …………..nothing.  Depending on the artist the paper mache form can be beautiful or plain but generally it is full of ………..nothing.

In Mexico the clay pot has largely been replaced by the paper mache piñata;  Full of sweet treats and small pretty toys, this paper mache sculpture is full of fun and surprise. When the end comes and the beautiful piñata meets its final, and inevitable, conclusion - the sweets and toys are scattered far and wide for everyone to enjoy.

Yes, I want the planet to heal, I want there to be healthy food available for my granddaughter so she can develop properly, I want people to learn not to hate each other, I want us all to have the right to choose.  But………..
Most important I want my piñata to be full of light and laughter so that when my shell finally disintegrates the contents will spill smiles, giggles, and fun times to everyone around.  So, fair warning folks – let the sillyness begin – can you tell me a good reason why not?

Jazzy, Sassy, Sexy - I can't get enough of this music

I'd love to see her in person sometime - great voice and I love to see a woman who makes her own rules and has fun doing it.  Jazz on sister!