Spirit Of Place at the Local Market in Columbia

A perfect example of Spirit Of Place:
Local Market, 701 Whaley St, Columbia, South Carolina

Lavender gelato, lemonade squeezed right in front of your eyes, warm blueberry donuts, eclectic handmade jewelry, bacon from pasture raised pigs, roasting coffee and smiling faces; this is the Local Market on Saturday mornings in Columbia.

Local Market is a good example of a type of intentional community that has gone very, very right.

Under the leadership of Emile DeFelice the market has gone from some tables set up in alternating parking lots to a permanent home at 701 Whaley St.

The Market is more than just a place to purchase handmade and locally produced goods. While the pork, poultry, local honey and produce is some of the best you can buy anywhere what is more important is the Spirit Of Place created at Local Market; you can feel it the minute that you walk on to the grounds.

The smell of blueberries and coffee, dogs on leashes, a guitar playing, baby in the stroller with a dripping gelato cone, breakfast on the porch, and a shared bottle of cider in champagne glasses.

The Local Market has a heartbeat shared by kindred spirits; it is a place to nourish the soul as well as the body.