Addicted to Facebook?

So you’re addicted to FB.  And that is a bad thing right?  You should learn to do this in moderation, portion it out to yourself, give it up for lent.  And do what?  If you are like the majority of people in the developed world you will replace FB with TV – the other acronym.

I cannot and will not spend hours in front of the TV.  People turn on the TV for noise or to have ‘company’.  It hurts my brain.  The moronic advertisements, reality shows, so-called news channels.  News – it’s not news anymore.  The anchor people telling us what they think.  I don’t care what you think.  Just report the facts in an objective manner and I will think for myself (objective reporting – what a concept).  And you get two choices:  The screaming judgmental Religious Right or the whiney victimized Liberal Left.  I just can’t watch TV – it is too painful.
The old timers used to say ‘idle hands are the devils playground’ and I agree with them.  But it is not like I spend every waking minute sitting on FB.  I work a full time job, grow a large amount of my own food, raise birds for eggs and meat, play at making cheese, jog, attempt yoga and study (I didn’t say learn) a second language.  But amazingly enough I still have free time and honestly when I do I am too tired to try to do one more productive thing.
And so what if Mark Zuckerburg is a snot-nosed kid who made massive amounts of money off of us.  If he were your kid you would be walking around with your chest stuck out, proud as a peacock and hoping he would buy you a nice house and retire you to Portugal with a few house servants.
So do I consider my FB addiction a bad thing – or the internet in general?  No, I love it – take a bath in it.  My little ADD brain can jump from the regeneration of soil in Brazil to the OMG pics of celebrities and on over to Diamond Dash, Bejeweled and then maybe some World News Network – all in 15 minutes or less.  Don’t like someone’s posts?  Click – poof they’re gone.
I’ll keep my FB and internet addiction and I’m not going to rehab.  No, No, No.  RIP Amy – love ya.