Freezing Eggs

Fall is at the doorstep and winter is not far behind.  Around here Fall means planting garlic, winter greens, carrots and freezing eggs.  Freezing Eggs?  Yup.  The girls slow down, and as they get older, stop egg production in the winter.  We have been eating eggs from our own little farmlet for so long we just can’t imagine having to buy eggs.  We have only 5 Araucanas this year – that barely keeps the two of us in eggs during peak production.

While they are still laying fairly regularly I freeze anything we don’t use that day.  The frozen eggs will last at through the winter until they start laying again.  I don’t really know how long they will keep in the freezer as I always throw away any remaining eggs when the hens start laying again in the spring.

I like to use four eggs to a container.  Four eggs will give us each a two-egg omelet or scramble.  When cooking or baking I can cut the frozen egg square into halves or quarters for one or two eggs.  You can put any number that works for you into a container.

To freeze lightly scramble the eggs, pour into the container and freeze.  When it is time to thaw the eggs they can be placed in the fridge overnight, placed in a container of cool water, or simple left out on the counter.  I have found that if I freeze them in a flat thin sheet they thaw amazingly fast and are easy to halve or quarter for using in recipes.  The only drawback to this is that I have to use plastic ziploc bags.  I would prefer to use something that is re-usable but I haven’t found anything that works quite as well as the ziplocs.

The first time that you use your thawed eggs you may be surprised by the texture; they are gooey and gelatinous – yuk!  But as soon as you pour them into a skillet and start to scramble or cook as for an omelet they start to look normal again.  The frozen eggs taste just as good as fresh, make great quiche and casseroles and perform wonderfully in baking.  
Now that I know how to freeze eggs my girls get a few more years hanging out in the farmlet before moving on to the  Schlemmertopf.