Me Batwoman

Anyone know where I can get a bat costume?  I have wanted an inversion table forever but I could never find one that I could actually try out in a store before buying it.  And we all know what happens when you order gym equipment on line and it doesn’t work out; it sits in your house forever collecting stray coats, hats and dust.
A co-worker bought one and it didn’t suit his needs so he is letting me ‘try’ it for a couple of days.  I’m addicted!  It feels great!  I used to stand on my head regularly not only because it feels good but because it is supposed to have quite a number of health benefits.  But over the last few years it has become so difficult that I rarely attempt it any more.  Arthritis in shoulders neck and elbows causes pain no matter what technique I try.
I know there are a ton of yoga exercises, stretches and other moves that are supposed to help keep me in shape for this sort of thing but I’m not part of the ‘no pain – no gain’ crowd.  If something is always painful and exhausting most of us (the smart ones) are just not going to keep doing it.
With the inversion table, this one is a ‘Body Power’ you simply adjust the section for legs to your height, step in, and invert.  It is very stable and getting into and out of the headstand position is effortless – and painless.
The list of health benefits associated with hanging around upside down include:  smoother skin, thicker hair, better circulation to pituitary and hypothalamus glands, increased brain function ( I need a lot of that ) and more. 
Besides, after you get used to the position it really feels good and, for me, is very relaxing.
I’m thinking it would be great fun to dress up as a blood dripping vampire bat and ‘hang out’ in the carport for Halloween.  I haven’t figured out the dripping blood though – wouldn’t it drip into my eyes?  Eeewe.