On my soap box again - Charge it to my credit card.

The book Shadows of Power:  Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline is an eye opener for those who don’t know and a confirmation to those who have already suspected.  Suspected what? – the worst.  Even though the book was written over 20 years ago it is no less applicable to todays issues – maybe even more so.   Everyone needs to read this book.  You can decide to love it or hate it but at least you will have the information so that you can make up your own mind.

I did my own research trying to disprove many of the outrageous claims by this book and only succeeded in learning the unfortunate truth.  Corporate America is not in bed with the US government – they are the government.   An interesting project while reading is to underline the name Chase Manhatten every where that you see it in the book.  Also, research for yourself who are the past AND present members of the CFR – to include all news networks. 
I only have one issue with the book and that is the last chapter.  The authors solution to the problem, in my opinion, sucks.  My solution is, as always, to become debt free.  Too simplistic for many people to swallow.