Turkeys, Chickens and Turnips.....

We've been so busy here lately at the real Spirit of Place that I have stayed away from the 'virtual' Spirit of Place. 

Harvested some more turkeys and they were soooo delicious.  I'll take one out of the freezer (actually my neighbors freezer as mine are full) to feed guests from out of town this weekend.  We now only have three more to butcher and the rest are keepers that we hope to breed.  Raising our own animals for meat has been such a rewarding experience that we are planning to expand the poultry area of the yard to accomadate meat chickens as well as layers.  I haven't decided on a breed yet but they need to be dual purpose and I think I'll stay away from Rhode Island Reds - they have been great layers and decent meat birds but terrible bullies with the other birds.

Put up a 10X20 greenhouse over the well pump and I will write about that on the Renegade Farmer blog soon.  http://www.therenegadefarmer.com/  Neat blog with columns from lots of fun and resourceful people.

The moon is waning so it is time to make another planting of root crops.  I'll wait another couple of days as the moon is just past full now.  I do have some tiny carrot and turnip seedlings coming up but the voles have been so bad this year that I suspect that I am just feeding them.  Mustard greens, garlic and onions seem to be the staples.  As long as I keep the poultry out of them the other pests leave them alone.

Well, the sun is up so there's no more time to dilly-dally; time to get out and play in the dirt awhile before heading off to work.  Till next time!