Is it us or is it them?

Gluten intolerance, Gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease – is it us or is it them?

 When I eliminated wheat from my diet a number of life long health problems vanished. I did not spend money at the doctors office so that they could give me a label. As a matter of fact- I don’t believe I have any special type of disease or intolerance. Now that I have done my own research I have come to the conclusion that humans were never meant to eat wheat in the massive quantities that we now consume – nor were we meant to be able to digest the modern hybrids that make up most of the worlds supply of wheat today.

 But instead of saying that the food supply is the problem the standard approach is to say that the individual is the problem. You now have a disease because you cannot function properly when you eat stuff that is not good for you.

 Millions, probably Billions, of people ingest chemical cocktails (processed foods) every day. A large number of those people do not have health problems or, if they do, those problems are blamed on heredity, lack of exercise, or other environmental exposure --- NOT the food (fuel) source.

  So just because a boat load of people can eat stuff that is not healthy does that mean that if YOU can’t then YOU have a disease?

 So is it you? Do you have a ‘condition’? Do you have a Disease? Is there something wrong with YOU? Or could it be that YOU are not the problem, rather the fuel (food) is the problem?

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