Learn how to make (grow) your own organic food.

This is a link to another post that I wrote for the Renegade Farmer:

I believe that this story is important to me because it illustrates just how powerful we are when we choose to be.  I was not able to find a digital picture of Azeez’s first house that he built after he lost his job.  It was a plywood box that he built with a hand saw! 

We’re not talking ‘olden’ days here – it was 1976 and this guy said “I’m not giving up”.  Now so many years later South Carolinas first organic farmer is still untouched by the recessions, still providing for his family, and they are following in his footsteps and enjoying the security of knowing that they can provide their own food. 
In addition to providing for their own needs Aysa’s Organics is available to teach anyone who wants to learn how to grow their own organic food- whether it be in a bucket, a raised bed, or on 50 acres.  Please read this article at Renegade Farmer – I do believe that it is so relevant to our society’s issues today.  http://www.therenegadefarmer.com/2012/07/south-carolinas-first-organic-farmer.html

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