The diet didn't happen..... but the turkey looks good!

As I read back over my old posts I can see that my intentions went by the wayside - as usual.  The meatless weight loss will have to wait until I am out of this cast.  In the meantime comfort food is the only thing keeping me happy.  Last night hubby made chicken pizza with chipotle BBQ sauce and Brie.

We are down to one chicken in the freezer.  Last year's butchering was an experiment that turned out better than we expected.   In years past when my hens get too old to lay eggs I have given them to some one who wanted occasional layers, pets or wanted to butcher.  I butchered chickens 25 years ago and swore I would never do it again.

Now days we spend what I consider enormous amounts of money on locally raised meats.  After spending 4 years feeding my laying hens wonderful food and giving them the best of care I decided that I should try my hand at butchering again - after all, I know the kind of care they have recieved and I like the idea of having an emotional relationship with my food.  My grandmother always believed in loving her animals from farm to table and it seemed a good tradition to carry on.

Anyway... It turned out well, Hubby and I didn't hate the process, and it was the best chicken I have tasted since Grandma last cooked a chicken for me.  Now I know her secret.

So where am I going with this?  We are getting ready to place our first order for chickens and turkey to be raised soley for meat.  Just enough for me and Hubby so we won't need many.  We are looking forward to this new adventure since neither of us have ever raised turkeys.

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