What do you do with a broken foot? - plant a garden!

So the foot is broken.  Bummer.  Six weeks in a 'fracture cast', it is the kind of thing that can be removed, thank goodness.  But I do have to sleep in this monstrosity and there is this crunching noise everywhere I go (velcro). 

I am told I will sit around quietly for the next 60 days while this heals.  Sure.  It is spring here in the South and my garden needs me.  I found out that taping a garbage bag around the cast and sitting on a blanket works just fine for weeding.  However after about 10 minutes the blanket went by the wayside and I just scooted around in the dirt - felt good.

The broken foot also slowed me down enough to get the 'pot ghetto' started.  The pot ghetto is a collection of assorted plastic containers (milk jugs, water jugs, etc.) that I start my seeds in.  The Ugly Red and Italian Heritage Tomatoes were already started a month ago and are just getting thier true leaves.  Today the chicory, cherry tomato, eggplant, parsley, calendula, and I have forgotten what else, moved into the pot ghetto.

I do think I went a little overboard though.  Collected the eggs but was so tired that they are still sitting outside next to the chicken house.  Hubby will get stuck cleaning up all of my little messes when he gets home.  He won't mind though - the aroma of one of our retired eggs layers is coming from the oven - I don't think there will be leftovers tonight.

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