A diffucult topic about the Human animal and the animals we eat......

This is a disturbing movie.  It is not a pleasant experience.

I seriously doubt that I will ever be a vegan because I believe that it is just as natural for humans to eat meat as it is for lions to eat gazelles.  However, in learning about how our health relates to the quality and well being of the food we eat I have determined that I can only eat meat that I have raised myself or from a local farmer that I personally know so that I can see how the animals were cared for and slaughtered. 

This movie did not change my position but rather it reinforced my belief that if I am to consume animal products I must be a caring and responsible guardian for these animals.

Those of you who know me personally know that I am a fairly pragmatic person.  I had to take several breaks from watching this movie because it was that difficult to watch.
The entire movie is free to watch at http://www.earthlings.com/

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