Out with the old - in with the new.

Just ordered a new window for my kitchen today.  This house was built in 1937 and I do believe these are the original windows.  Nothing wrong with that; I have an affinity for old durable things – the problem is that I am not old AND durable.
In order to clean these windows I have to climb up on a chair and perch precariously on my knees on the edge of the sink.  While the edge of the sink is grinding painfully into my arthritic knees I then have to push, shove, cajole and curse the window sashes up and down.
The last time that I did this one of the windows released suddenly and clamped the fingers on both of my hands between the sashes.  I’m trapped.  I can’t get down because my hands are held hostage by the window sash.  I can't get up because I can’t shift to one knee to move the other leg – the pain on both knees is already excruciating.  My pride keeps me struggling for a while – I do NOT want anyone to see me in this ridiculous position perched on the edge of the sink.
HONEEEEEEE!!!!!  My husband says that in nine years of marriage that is the only time he has ever heard me scream.  That will be the last time that I ever clean those windows.
Today I am at the kitchen sink washing greens.  There is a beautiful blue and black skink creeping around through the pepper plants and sweet potato vines.  A blue jay takes a dip in the bird bath; I have not seen a jay that bright a shade of blue in a while.  Too bad I am looking at all of this through a haze of grime, rain spots, spider webs and bits of leaves.  Today is the day.  Ready or not it’s time for a new window!  The home improvement center says it should be here in two weeks or less – that usually means two months but at least I know it’s coming.  There will be pictures J.