Put a little kitchen in your face. Put a little face in your kitchen.

Due to a long list of skin problems that I am trying to keep in check without taking prescription drugs I have been on a quest for chemical free skin care. I recently read a statement that said "If you can't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your body". So I felt challenged to put this to the test. Here is what I have come up with so far:

OLIVE OIL- For many years I have only used oil to scrub my skin. Just recently I have switched from a store bought bath oil to plain olive oil. I have noticed a remarkable difference in the texture of my skin. No need to use lotion anymore.
VODKA - Use in shampoo, for blemish control, as a disinfectant, toner, and mouthwash (an extra shot in the evening is good too :-)
ROSEMARY - Rosemary smells great! It is reputed to have many uses but I just make a tea and use it as a general rinse after taking a bath - my husband loves the smell.
- I use olive, grapeseed or safflower oil to shave instead of shaving cream. Since I started using oil to shave I have had no more razor burn or dry skin after shaving.
SHEA BUTTER (PURE) - This is not the type that you can buy from the big box stores. I bought mine from a store in the underground in Atlanta. They sell pure shea butter that has only been boiled to remove it from the nut and worked by hand to a semi softened state. You must work it with your hands a bit to soften it enough to spread but it leaves my skin silky smooth. Women in Ghana use this shea butter for cooking, skin care, waterproofing, insect control, and an amazing amount of other things around the home.
YOGURT – I love how my skin feels after a yogurt facial.  Just smear on some plain organic yogurt and leave it until it dries.  I usually do this when making tzatziki or cheese.  There is plenty left on the sides or bottom of the container and when I am in the kitchen making stuff I am not planning on going out for a while anyway – might as well be getting a facial at the same time.

COCONUT OIL AND COMFREY - I have been making a comfrey salve for over 20 years.  I used to use petroleum jelly but now I use coconut oil.  I just get the plain old cooking coconut oil that you find in the grocery store for cooking.  Heat it gently - it will liquify at 73 or 72 degrees - and pour in a bunch of comfrey.  Let it steep.  Then strain out the herb and pour into containers.  I use it on any scratch, cut, burn - this works for dogs, children, horses, and husbands.
BAKING SODAMy number one ‘go-to’ for cleansing.  If you’re feeling really grimy you can get a good scrub before rinsing or just gently smear some on and rinse off.  Many people think that baking soda is too harsh but I promise you it is not.  The minute the water hits it the baking soda completely dissolves.  Many years ago I was a dog groomer and saw so many dogs coming in with skin problems.  The very first thing was to get the owners to stop using soap and wash instead with baking soda.  The redness and inflammation quickly subsided and it wasn’t long before their hair started growing back.  I keep a jar of baking soda next to the tub and every sink and another in the shower.

MAKE UP - I don't' wear a lot of make up but I do like to have a foundation just to even out all of the different colors that come with age and I do like a bit of mascara. I just placed my first order with a company that has signed a compact with the 'Skin Deep' website and I look forward to trying and reviewing their product.

The most amazing part of this project so far is the SAVINGS!! So far it appears that natural skin care is not only healthier but it can be cheap too - now that's right up my alley!