The Holidays are here again and you want me to try your special recipe

The Holidays are here again and you want me to try your special recipe (fill-in-the-blank).  It’s that time when I am obliged to share and partake of food in group settings.  I have come to dread it.

Since I switched to a chemical free diet a few years ago there have been both positive and negative side effects.
Pros:  My skin problems have cleared up.  Lost a bunch of weight.  My arthritis problems have virtually disappeared.  I eat MORE food than I have in years; it’s nice to forget portion control and just go ahead and eat till I’m full. 
Cons:  I have to eat by myself most of the time.  Restaurant food is out for the most part.  Most of their food is pre
I don’t personally know anyone else who eats this way.  I do meet a lot of cool people on the internet who are into chemical free foods, or who are at least supportive of those that do, but no one in my area to share food with.
Ridicule, anger and offense taken: – that was the most surprising and unexpected side effect of transitioning to a chemical free diet.  I seldom invite people to eat here anymore because if they eat my food they feel that I should eat theirs and are offended when I decline.  There is a lot of ‘rolling-of-eyes’ and “WhatEVER” comments about me and my food choices. 
I understand the offended part – it’s one of those irrational things we all do when we think that someone is putting us down.  If you don’t like my backyard raised chicken and homegrown garlic and potatoes I will probably feel a little offended (which is why I don’t do invites) and if I won’t eat your antibiotic and arsenic fed chicken and artificially garlic flavored box of potato flakes you will probably be offended.  Yours will probably taste very good, without a doubt because it is chemically engineered to taste excellent – it is just that I don’t want to eat the chemicals.  I don’t want to eat your Cool Whip, American Cheese, Cherry Pie filling or gravy browned with Gravy Master.  I’m not eating the hormone fattened beef and dairy or injected overfattened turkey.  I do understand that the Lowrys Seasoned salt makes everything taste wonderful but I don’t want to eat that either.
And despite all of the hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavorings and other chemicals you are still able to maintain your ideal weight with no bulging waistline, your skin and hair look great, you don’t have any bone or joint problems or take prescription meds and are able to eat as much as you want.
  What I need you to understand is that while eating all of this artificial food is not a problem for you – it is for me.  I will immediately gain back all of the weight that I lost, break out in rashes again and have a recurrence of gout and joint pain.
So please, this holiday season, enjoy your food and don’t be offended if I don’t join you.  And if you want to share your secret to staying trim, fit and healthy while eating that stuff please share it with me.  It would make my life a lot easier.