Time to throw the diet out the window - it's Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday and while hubby and I don't celebrate the holidays by purchasing things we did decide to go out and support a few small businesses and splurge a bit on ourselves at the same time.

Today's winners are:

TRAIL RIDGE FARM  http://farmingthecarolinas.blogspot.com/p/trail-ridge-farm-price-list.html We picked up a herbed Sicilian Goat Cheese and a heavenly Blueberry Goat cheese spread.  The Blueberry is going to end up in millet and rice flour crepes.  Hubby is the pizza master around here and tonight he is treating me to sundried (in my dehydrator) tomato pizza with the herbed goat cheese and garlic.

RACHEL'S WILD FLOUR CONFECTIONS http://www.stateplate.org/vendors.html  There should be a law against selling pastries this good.  There is a stollen and a blueberry/cream cheese strudel sitting on the kitchen counter that probably won't make it through the weekend.  I also picked up a brownie covered in a creamy gooey caramel crusted glaze.  Had I known how messy it was going to be in the car I wouldn't have bought it but then I would have missed out on how incredibly sinfully good a brownie can be.

ALLEN'S GEMS & ROCKS (no website, he is also a vendor at the Local Market).  Allen Gibbs had a beautiful display of gemstones and crystals and didn't mind my gazillion questions about each one.  I recently gave my personal crystal to a friend who was in the hospital and very sick but I found the perfect replacement in Mr. Gibbs collection along with a piece of apophyllite to sit in front of my living room window.  The crystals fragment the light when the sun hits it just right.  A nice addition to the singing bowls and agate that I keep there.

So with crystals in one hand, pastries and cheese in the other and cheeks stuffed with brownies we are satisfied that we have done our bit to support Small Business Saturday and now it is time to hit the treadmill before I top it off with that pizza that I smell baking in the kitchen.