Hot wires are not just for dogs anymore - or - Dreaming of Snakes

It’s dark out, it’s just after 1:00am and I have just gotten home from work.  Standing in outside the back door with my ‘evening’ glass of wine I can hear the hot wire popping.  “Damn, something has grounded it out again” and I think that I’ll just deal with it in the morning.

But it nags at me and I go out to have a look.
One of the Lucys’(that is what we call all of the turkey hens) has abandoned her nest and is outside the pen with Frank (the Tom);  “Hussy”, I think to myself.

Then I see another of the hens off of her nest and pecking at something.  There is a snake with a belly full of turkey egg caught halfway in and out of the poultry wire.  On one end a turkey is pecking at it and on the other end it is getting zapped with electricity – not a good day – and it’s about to get worse.
I hate to kill snakes because they are the best rodenticide that money can’t buy.  But now that it has shown a preference for eggs over voles and mice………well it has got to go.

So the snake is dispatched, the hens are back on their nests and I have had three hours sleep.  Think I’ll be taking a nap today.  And if I dream about snakes it doesn’t mean I have been spiritually enlightened, it just means I’m worrying about my Lucys. 

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