This is a rant - Just because I might look like you...............

This is a rant… Just because I might look like you: and if you don’t like the following comments PLEASE unsubscribe from this blog.

 Please don’t assume that just because my face is white that I want to hear your stupid racist stories about how you stumbled into a Latin neighborhood and you were the only ‘white woman’ around or how you were all by yourself an...d this ‘big black guy’, etc. etc, etc. 

 Now before you start in about how you are not racist think about this: Would you be telling me this story if my face were not white? No, you would think I would be offended – guess what – I’m still offended. So please, could you check to make sure that everyone at the party / office / church is as prejudiced as you are before you start saying stupid sh$# like that?

   I’m am sick to death of this and over the years it seems to be getting worse – not better.

 Oh, and one more thing. If you do happen to find yourself the only white face in a black/latin/whatever neighborhood here’s a tip for you:
You are not special – they do not care about you – they are not interested in you – so get over yourself.

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