Grow Oranges, Lemons and Grapefruit right in your own back yard

Have you ever seen a pink grapefruit tree?......Growing in the ground?.......In South Carolina?

I have, at McKenzie Farms.  I first heard about McKenzie farms while chatting with a guy on about source for Kiwi fruit vines.  As soon as I realized that McKenzie Farms was only 30 minutes from my house I just couldn’t get in the car fast enough.

It was more than I would have imagined – not that I would have imagined finding a real live citrus grove just minutes from my house.
Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Kiwi vines, Kumquats and so much more.  The citrus grove that I walked through was five years old – that means that it has seen both damaging cold and, as was the case last year, extremely mild winters. 
While Mr. McKenzie does grow varieties of citrus that require coddling in the winter I was interested in those hardy varieties that can live outside year round.  Some of you potted plant people will find some great varieties of fruit that you can bring in for the winter but as for me it must be planted in the ground if it is going to live very long.
I think customer service is Mr. McKenzies middle name; not only did he give me the grand tour, he filled me in on the history of some if his more unusual plants, and selected an orange and a lime suited to my particular growing requirements.  Oh, and yes, I did come away with Kiwi vines.  Two females and a male.  Boys and girls?  Who knew  - I didn’t, but he likes to make sure his customers know all about the plants they are buying in order to give the best growing experience. 

When you purchase McKenzie Farms plants you will also receive planting instructions and a cold weather care sheet.  Oh yes, how could I forget?  There were also some amazing looking blackberries, figs, strawberries, squash, and so many beautiful ornamental plants………I’ll be back.  I’m coveting that pink grapefruit tree.  Check it out - oranges and lemons - right out of your own back yard in South Carolina

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