Fresh RAW Mozzarella - "I made that!"

Huge shout out to New England Cheesemaking Supply Company.  I bought the beginners kit.  Includes everything you need to make Mozzarella cheese.  This was the ONLY company that I could find that sold rennett that met my overly picky standards.  The type of rennett that I prefer is automatically included in the beginners kit.

If you are a newbie like me just get the kit and follow the directions EXACTLY - you won't be sorry.   Best Mozzarella I have ever eaten.

A couple first timer tips:
I used raw milk and processed using the hot water method.  Seems counter productive to put a perfectly good 'living' milk in the microwave.  And.... using the hot water method it still counts (at least in my world) as a raw food.  As a matter of fact it has been so hot here the last couple of days it would actually have been too hot to make this outside.

The kit says that it only takes a half hour to make.  It took me 1 hour, but I was taking it slow and trying to make sure I followed all of the directions.  Next time it will go faster.  And there will be a next time on my next day off.

Happy Cheesemaking and 'Thank You New England Cheesemaking Supply Company'.

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