What's for dinner, Saturday, Feb. 12

Hubby and I are trying to lose a few pounds (more than a few).  Semi-easy for me but incredibly hard for him.  I found out by accident a few years ago that chemical-free foods are the easy-peasy way to eat a lot of good food while still keeping the weight off.  If I want to lose weight all I have to do is eliminate the animal products for a while and after I lose the amount I go back to my normal chemical-free diet.

What does chemical free mean?  No artificial foods, no added hormones or routine antibiotics, etc, etc..

So.... What's for dinner tonight? 

Organic pinto beans, salsa, minced onions, rice sauteed in bacon fat (from Old McCaskill Farms) and avocado wrapped in tortillas.  O.K. so the tortillas are not totally chemical-free; those are hard to find but they will have to do.  And they are topped with liberal amounts of irish white cheddar cheese.

The plan is to get hubby to learn to live without any meat for 30 days; eggs from our chickens only, and then take the next step in eliminating animal products all together for another 30.  This worked for me and I'm hoping it will work for him.

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