Let's (not) get serious for a moment

When was the last time you had fun?  I mean really let loose, don’t care what other people think, show your knickers and laugh out loud – ‘appropriate’ behavior be damned.
I am into a lot of what I consider to be very serious causes and movements; trying to help educate people on the preservation of a healthy society, creating a healthy micro climate in my backyard, teaching people about the importance of the elimination of debt, promoting the acceptance and tolerance of people of all different colors and creeds.  Heavy stuff.
I had a few reminders recently that, while this is all good and important stuff, basically we are all ants and I could get stepped on tomorrow.
I believe that my energy, or life force, is the real me.  What I do to make money, the title I wear, car I drive, or the neighborhood that I live in are just external trappings, paper mache.

Have you ever made paper mache?  A fragile shell full of …………..nothing.  Depending on the artist the paper mache form can be beautiful or plain but generally it is full of ………..nothing.

In Mexico the clay pot has largely been replaced by the paper mache piñata;  Full of sweet treats and small pretty toys, this paper mache sculpture is full of fun and surprise. When the end comes and the beautiful piñata meets its final, and inevitable, conclusion - the sweets and toys are scattered far and wide for everyone to enjoy.

Yes, I want the planet to heal, I want there to be healthy food available for my granddaughter so she can develop properly, I want people to learn not to hate each other, I want us all to have the right to choose.  But………..
Most important I want my piñata to be full of light and laughter so that when my shell finally disintegrates the contents will spill smiles, giggles, and fun times to everyone around.  So, fair warning folks – let the sillyness begin – can you tell me a good reason why not?


jocecampbell said...

One of my little bits of light and silliness it to walk on top of those concrete curb-type borders. You know, the ones in parking lots, or along planting areas. And yes, I still do this in my 40's.

(And no; honestly, I'm not practicing for a DUI test.)

Thanks for the reminder!

darius said...

It's almost scary how little we MAKE the time to have fun, and the older I get, the less I seem to do it.

At age 72, I just bought a pair of RED high-top sneakers, LOL.

Thanks for the reminder!